Rose Gold Pro Brush Set - 11 Piece

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Rose Gold Pro Brush Set is a superior quality makeup brush.  Ultra soft fibers, user friendly handles with cut out hand nitch, makes these the only set of brushes you'll ever need. You will get 10 different makeup brush types and an slaying pink holographic carrying case.



L10  Dome Pencil Brush

Brushes length about:16.95cm   Tip length about:0.95cm

Used for applying eyeshadow above eyelid and on the eye line under eye. 


L15  Blending Brush

Brushes length about:17.6cm     Tip length about:1.6cm

Application and blending of all concealer formulas and other emollient products.


L20  Fluffy Blending Brush

Brushes length about:18.01cm    Tip length about:2.01cm

Used for shading or blending of powdery or creamy products.


L25  Precision Flat Brush

Brushes length about:17.3cm     Tip length about:1.3cm

Used to blend liquid or cream products onto flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks.


L50  Flat Contour Brush

Brushes length about:17.44cm    Tip length about:1.44cm

Can be used with a contour stick or matte cream bronzer under the cheekbone to define the shape of the face.


L55  Precision  Foundation Brush

Brushes length about:18.66cm   Tip length about:2.66cm

Tapered shape helps apply, distribute and blend foundation into all areas of the face.


L60  Large Powder

Brushes length about 20.9cm     Tip length about 4.9cm

This brush in particular is used with soft bronzers and powder applications to keep a flawless makeup. It has dense fluffy fibers that form a full, rounded shape.


L65  Precision Setting Brush 

Brushes length about:19.26cm    Tip length about:3.26cm

Use with pressed powders, evenly brush on across your face. Fully alter your skin tone, makeup shade, and helps to create a natural makeup look.


L70  Blush Brush

Brushes length about:19.52cm    Tip length about:3.52cm

Perfect for blush and contouring. Used to create a touch of color and definition.


L75  Highlight

Brushes length about:18.5cm     Tip length about:2.5cm

Used with highlighting powders and creams.  To enhance makeup and give you a three-dimensional and glossy look with highlighting techniques.

Makeup Brushes:

  • Handle type: plastic   
  • Hair type: synthetic hair
  • Quantity:  10 Piece Brush Set + 1 bag
  • Material: ABS

Cosmetic bag:

  • Material: PU leather
  • Size: 24 * 13 * 0.3 cm